Going Green: Fresh Strives for Sustainability


A little over a year ago, Michele Bowling opened Fresh, a coffee shop in downtown Bardstown.

“I loved the concept behind Central Perk on the television show Friends,” said Michele. “I wanted the coffee shop to be a gathering place in Bardstown.”

The shop serves true craft coffee, from Good Folks Coffee out of Louisville. In addition, Fresh serves house-made pastries, sweet treats, smoothies and lunch daily, using local products and priding themselves on a zero-waste kitchen – a label they’ve worked hard to achieve.

“We plan our daily menus with the end in mind, buying what we know will sell and striving to maintain a sustainable kitchen pantry,” explained Michele. “By keeping our menu fluid, we have less risk of overstocking items that go unused and therefore contribute to an ugly cycle of repeat buying, preparing and disposing.”

fresh coffee bardstown

Michele resides in Bardstown and says she can’t imagine opening a business anywhere else. A close community, Michele is grateful for the support from the town and local businesses’ support of one another.

“It’s the sense of pride you have, owning a small business,” said Michele. “I enjoy working with the customers and meeting so many new people.”

fresh exterior bardstown

Fresh is located at 114 North Third Street in Bardstown.

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