Helping through Hemp

Tracy Fischer has lost several family members to cancer over the years. She had read about CBD and hemp for coping. Two months after her uncle passed away, Tracy’s family purchased a home surrounded by farm land. The neighbor who owned the farm let them know they were going to be growing hemp on that land.

“I started researching and studying the benefits of hemp,” she explained.

This led Tracy to want to open a storefront. Her timeline moved a bit faster than she planned when news came that the farm bill had passed. Just thirty days after its passage, she opened Hometown Hemp in January 2019.

Hometown Hemp spends a lot of time educating customers on products and their benefits.

“We'll help you learn how cannabinoids, like CBD, work synergistically in the human body, naturally stimulating and boosting the efficiency of our body’s basic processes,” explained Tracy. “We’ll also familiarize you with the varying product options available, so that you can choose the supplement that best suits your needs and lifestyle.”

hometown hemp

“I love knowing that we’re helping people,” said Tracy. “We understand the feelings of hopelessness that families endure when a loved one is battling a serious illness.”

Hometown Hemp is planning education events for upcoming Hemp History Week, the first week of June.

Hometown Hemp is located at 1750 Highway 192 West, Suite 3 in London.

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