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PASSION: It's something you'll undoubtedly find in the small business owners of Paducah and it's what makes this town's brick-and-mortar stores a cut above the online competition. From customer service to your overall experience, there's nothing quite like shopping with a retailer as passionate and attentive as the owners behind these remarkable Paducah stores!

Retailers featured: Hooper’s Outdoor Center, Flower + Furbish, Pipers Tea & Coffee, Midtown Market.


Midtown Market

In 2012, Andy Carloss launched Midtown Market - a neighborhood grocery store offering local produce, custom meats and seafood, a deli, and a wide variety of natural, organic, and gluten-free foods.


Flower + Furbish

The ambiance of Flower + Furbish will have you head over heels for their floral arrangements, succulents and house plants galore!


Hooper’s Outdoor Center

Hooper's Outdoor Center has been in business since 1993. Their staff is passionate about helping you prepare for all the memories that will be made on your outdoor adventures!


Pipers Tea & Coffee

Husband-and-wife duo Peter and Amber Barnett searched for the perfect cup of earl grey tea and came up empty-handed. But together this Englishman's taste and French lady's nose (plus lots of research) developed Pipers Tea & Coffee in Paducah.